Links related to Otto Rank’s work, or to theoretical developments derived from it.

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Otto Rank Books / Livros de Otto Rank Library of Social Science: Founded in 1975, Library of Social Science is an independent book publisher, dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge to scholars, students and the general reading public. Director of the Library of Social Science, Richard A. Koenigsberg, has pioneered the psychological study of political violence, with a large influence from Ernest Becker.  Rev. Matthew Fox, theologian. “I consider Otto Rank to be one of the great spiritual giants of the twentieth century, a genius as a psychologist and a saint as a human being. Though vilified by his original community of Freudians, he never became bitter. He died a feminist and deeply committed to social justice, in 1939…. His deep understanding of creativity makes him a mentor for all of us living in a postmodern world…. I believe that Art and Artist, especially chapters 12 to 14, may well emerge as the most valuable psychoanalysis of the spiritual life in our time.” University with a holistic and humanistic perspective.  Anaïs Nin (1903 – 1977). Writer, was analysed by Otto Rank. Article from Francisco Pizarro Obaid, Chilean psychologist. Studies Otto Rank’s theory in relation to the clinical treatment of anxiety. Will Wadlington, artist and psychologist. Studies the creative process, psychotherapy derived from it, and Otto Rank’s deep appreciation of the artistic process. From his website: “Will helps people use their creative resources to address the existential issues we all face.” Master’s thesis from Jussara Trindade de Almeida, under supervision of Prof. Luiz Felipe Pondé. From the abstract: “This dissertation seeks to accomplish an analysis of the human condition in Ernest Becker (1924-1974) and the role of religion to sustain human beings in face of the fear of death and the precariousness of his creatureliness.” Marleen Moors, Dutch philosopher and existential counsellor. Her areas of expertise are existentialism, existential phenomenology and metaphysics.  Miguel Garcia, musician and poet from Brazil, with influences from Ernest Becker and Otto Rank. Addiction, Mental Health, Housing and Financial Guide for Veterans. The Best Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center Near You. LA Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab Resources.


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